Cascadia Women's Clinic   900 NE 139th St 206 Vancouver,WA98685   (360) 433-0022
Cascadia Women's Clinic
900 NE 139th St 206
VancouverWA 98685
 (360) 433-0022

Reviews Of Cascadia Women's Clinic

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Stacy thoma
Feb 11, 2018

I love the atmosphere. And the attentive doctors. Plus I never feel bad when I have to call in and chat with the nurse. Her and Dr Lane always makes me feel at ease and taken care of.

Savannah Bragg
Jan 28, 2018

Jayme Krysten Reimann
Jan 24, 2018

Amazing, caring, kind, best clinic in Vancouver. Love everyone there! Dr. Lane is wonderful.

Ana C K
Jan 24, 2018

I saw Dr. Gibbons during my pregnancy, I could not have made a better choice. Dr. and staff are very caring, listen and understand your needs. I especially love that it is an all women team so they can relate to what you may be going through and sympathize. During the 9 months I was able to meet all doctors, they schedule at least one appointment with each of the other doctors so you are familiar with all of them in case yours is not the one on call when you deliver. Dr. Lane was the one who ended up delivering my baby and I was nervous at first since I wasn't so familiar with her but everything went smoothly and my beautiful, healthy baby boy made it into the world 2 months ago. My only concern is one of the assistants, don't recall her name and she only helped me a couple of times but she seems arrogant at times and could be a little more friendly. The assistant I usually saw was great, can't recall her name either but has very short hair and is super friendly and always seems to be in a great mood with a big smile on her face. Loved her. Overall I would definitely recommend Cascadia to anyone I know, and the best part? They now have a PCP! So I plan on going to Cascadia for as long as I can, I would even travel a bit just not to go anywhere else.

Shirley Williams
Jan 14, 2018

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